Buying a house

Our Method

Elxis offers a wide and versatile range of houses, villas and apartments throughout Greece. The choice is yours! On our website you will find a wide selection of homes in many regions and islands. Greece has 138 inhabited islands, but there are also countless beautiful spots for a home on the mainland as well. Practical reasons dictate that only a small selection of our entire range of properties is available on our website. Didn't you find what you were looking for on our website? Don't worry and contact us so we can forward more specific information and proposals. You are, of course, also always welcome to visit our office in Utrecht for personal consultation.

During our first, free session we will identify your needs and discuss the possibilities. We will also provide you with clear, accurate and reliable information on issues such as taxation, legal and procedural matters, but also practical issues involved in the purchase of real estate in Greece. We will also point out the potential pitfalls and what to watch out for in choosing the right home.




A picture may be worth a 1,000 words, but we at Elxis believe that a visit says more than 1,000 photos. Buying a house primarily means finding a property that 'feels' right. No matter how many photos we can show you of a property, how much information we give you in advance, you will only know that you have found the location and the house you dream of, after you have walked in it yourself and you have experienced that infallible feeling that everything is right, after you have 'felt at home'.

Having said this, we do not advocate pre-planned, fixed-date, organized inspection trips, in the context of which you will be under a tight schedule from the first day to the last, when you will be asked to sign a contract or make a deposit. On the contrary, all properties are offered throughout the year and comprehensive information is offered on Elxis' website. You can plan your visit to Greece at your convenience and though our network of local contacts we can arrange viewing appointments when it is most convenient for you. Our contacts can show you around properties or development projects available for purchase and since Elxis' executives frequently travel to Greece we can also arrange for visits where you will be escorted by people fluent in English.